Sustainable Shearling Style

It has been a decade since Danish designer Anne Vestesen launched Anne Vest. And over the past ten years, we have been known on the market for creating sophisticated and sustainable shearling outerwear and accessories. From our home base in Copenhagen we have built a core lineup of pieces designed not only to be eco-friendly but also evergreen in style. We strive towards creating a transparent supply chain and craft timeless designs of the highest quality.

We create clothes that are relevant to right now, eco-friendly, and made from nature’s own materials. Shearling just has such an amazing luxury feel to it and still, it is such a sustainable material. It is a material that has a strong confident expression to it. We only work with sustainable materials, it is the founding principle behind ANNE VEST. Our SS21 collection features shirts crafted from 100% organic responsibly sourced cotton. We tend to work in soft color tones, that are coherent with nature’s own palette, which keeps it timeless.

I think our nordic heritage builds on keeping it strict and clean, yet understated luxury. You know that when you buy these kinds of pieces you can have them forever. It is the opposite of fast fashion, which is what we stand for!

Anne Vest designs are a conscious choice, a slow fashion statement, and a participant in our endeavor towards a sustainable company. In our choice to be environmentally responsible atelier; the medium is key. Our deliberate decision to work with lambskin/shearling, a 100% natural material that is rich in diversity, is perfectly traceable. All Anne Vest lambskins are harvested solely as a bi-product — repurposed in-house thus avoiding any environmental impact in terms of animal breeding. Instead, a responsible action was taken to use a biodegradable material, otherwise carelessly discarded, thereby reducing landfill. Our completely transparent supply chain, from the welfare of the lamb to the manufactures of the final product, is as reassuring to our customers as our core brand principle is of creating only sustainable clothing.