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ANNE VEST is a luxury women outerwear label, with the atelier situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, ANNE VEST made its artistic debut in 2009 – founded by the couple; designer Anne Vestesen and CEO Joern Vestesen. Prior the couple resided and worked for years in Paris, and upon return to Copenhagen they brought with them the ambition to thoroughly explore the possibilities of the material close at heart: shearling. The style has become a combination of the Nordic design simplicity and the Parisian chicness. It is rarely seen that a fashionbrand is so dedicated to one material only, but that is excactly what ANNE VEST is. All ANNE VEST work springs from the leitmotif, that each garment is carefully crafted in impeccable sartorial quality, masterfully cut from handpicked highest quality materials. Through a powerful and experimental approach to fur design ANNE VEST constructs each collection to catch our zeitgeist and curiously look into the future. The style is consistently feminine in both the color palette and sculpturing. Voluminous shapes often developed from reinvented classics where the detail is never lost.

”I love the beautiful things in life and will always go that extra length in order to achieve perfection in my work. Aesthetics are what we let our selves be influenced by and my eye have always been drawn towards the simplicity in beauty, whether it being the clean symmetrical lines of the black balconies on the sandy-colored buildings in Paris, or how two contrasting colors will impact a look when blocked up against each other. Beauty can also be felt, and that is why I adore working with shearling, the sense of luxury when running your fingers over an immaculate shearling piece is nothing short of fantastic.”

Shearling is chosen for its nature-sustainability features, its incredible softness and its multiple possibilities. Shearling is a sheepskin or lambskin, that has been tanned and dressed with the wool left on. Real shearling breathes and is more flexible than synthetic shearling. All shearling used in ANNE VEST design are from farmed animals, and with sustainability being very important to ANNE VEST, we focus on ensuring that all shearling materials are being sourced with no animals taken from the wild, nor raised specifically for the shearling production. We believe that no animals used in our production should be raised for their skin, and we ensure all our suppliers use humane animal treatment, in order to prevent any animal abuse.


This is not about us. Or us simply telling you.
Instead, this is a conversation, between Anne and you.
One that can be whatever we choose it to be. Whenever. Wherever.

Much has been said within the sustainability discourse. At times it feels as if the word itself carries little to no meaning anymore at all. We can all agree that we must pay homage to the world surrounding us and that conscious consumption probably is a sensible idea. Those are beautiful allegories, but what about their practical implementation, real-time impact and even more importantly; complete ´fancy-terms free´ transparency. As a smaller Nordic atelier we felt the humble need to speak up and share our sartorial path towards a better tomorrow. No storytelling, but the honest telling of our story.

The ever ringing: ´any creation leads to more consumption polemic´ perhaps carries its truths, but consumption does not have to be a negative result of design. What if design was conducted in a controlled, sincere manner, without waste, without supply malpractices and needless over-production? This all begins with ´self´ and living a personal life enriched by a deep awareness of the eco- and urban systems surrounding us. The couple behind the brand; Anne & Jørn do and have done so their entire lives. No needless purchases, no careless city-hopping and definitely no ‘buy and discard’ antics. Add onto this a sincere devotion to holistic human development and spiritual reflection and you could argue that on the SELF part, things are positively in order. However, conscious consumption does not end where you choose it yourself. Instead it is part of an elaborate continuous cycle that becomes an intricate part of your day-to-day. All facets need to click together. In our world, this means from the initial free-flowing sketch to the final product. Through every creative decision, one perpetuates one-self. Every step along the way deserves a deliberate conscious moment of choice. We agree. So at ANNE VEST you will find no loose ‘green’ promises but a proper commitment to a ‘woke’ sunrise.

There is no ´self´ without ´them´ as you are only as good as society deems you to be. To dote this relationship, we must speak of how we wish to present proof of our sustainable design process. Not to bully others into healthy lifestyles or to impose a set of green values without hindsight; absolutely not as this remains a dialogue. Think of this as ANNE VEST picking up the gauntlet, before there no longer is a tomorrow. In order to be as environmentally responsible as possible for a manufacturing atelier; the opted medium is key. Our deliberate decision to work with lambskin (shearling) has allowed us to work with a 100% natural material that rich in diversity which is perfectly traceable. For our hides (harvested solely as a bi-product), are repurposed in-house thus avoiding any environmentally charged animal breeding (or aggressive wildernesshunting). Instead a responsible action was taken to use a material otherwise carelessly discarded.

Natural materials sound great and all, but it is during the next steps along the line, that a real change can be made. The all-decisive treatment is pivotal here. Our path: no aluminum tanning, no chrome, no harmful chemicals, instead a diligent process that avoids exorbitant water spillage and unpleasant toxicity. When sundried and ready the hides are entirely used during the design process. This means zero wastage as every sliver can be purposefully used in detailing, seams or textural sampling. Lastly, we believe in building a dynamic lasting exchange with our skilled crafts(wo)men, but more on that later.

Istanbul. Copenhagen. Karaköy. Nyhavn. Burnt orange sun. Crisp Nordic light.
Two places that could not be further apart. Visually yes, in mindset not so much. We found a pure connection, a second home. A place of creation, without textile middlemen or sketchy backstreet supply-agents. Our atelier here is a direct extension of our Copenhagen studio with both places moving together, in respectful unison. The collection is a result of a conscious dialogue flowing from respect and creative equality, enriched by decades of carefully nourished craftsmanship. Forget long-distance blah-blah CSR this is the real-deal. Our skillful Turkish family atelier is close at heart. For us, it not just a pleasure to work with artisans that understand the ANNE VEST philosophy; we fully believe in production through exchange. What this means? Not only do the workers get social benefits and on-point salaries to support their families, they also have been with us for years, growing with us, nurturing the brands aesthetics and technical aptitude. And we never forget to humbly learn from the rich leather history that Turkey possesses (let alone inspirational centuries of tailoring avantgardism). This is the reward of investing locally. Profound access to rich archives, fabric development to experimental contemporary tailoring. And before we forget: all this goodness comes with lovely international (LWG) and (ZDHC) certification.

Remember we said this is not just about you. Or us telling you. Well, perhaps we did a little. But then again, we feel confident about our honest CSR and conscious take on things. Nah, we don´t boast, remember this remains a conversation, between us. Perhaps fashion should not just be about style, aesthetics or injecting something well-constructed into your wardrobe. Instead it should activate us. ANNE VEST always has been in the slower lane of fashion. This is a conscious choice made to support considerate consumption. We work every day to be minimize our environmental impact. From our lips to your ears, we sincerely try being the best we could possibly be. So take a deep breath, stand still for a moment and take a deeper look at the garment you just acquired. Feel good about it: that is great.

Want to know more: that is even better. We are ready to listen. We are ready to share. From our humble Nordic roots, to our rich Ottoman soul, this is ANNE VEST – and yes, we always respond.